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Cindy Griffith letter concerning Verma Harrison from October 7, 1997

October 7, 1997
Dear Justice Knapp, My name is Cindy Griffiths, my husband's name is Bill Griffiths. We are the parents of Robyn Griffiths and the daughter and son-in-law of Janice Nicolich. Robyn and my mother, Janice, were brought to their deaths while driving through Sidney on June 28, 1996. My father, Joe Nicolich, was there too, as he was the driver. I am writing to you today in regards to Verma Harrison, who was driving the vehicle that crashed into my parents' car on I-80. I understand her sentencing date is approaching quickly, and we wanted to let you know our thoughts. It's a little hard for me to know where to begin. To try to describe the agony of losing our precious daughter and mother is not something we can easily do, for the pain runs so very deep. It's beyond anything we've ever experienced. It's as though a major tidal wave -- a tsunami -- has crashed down upon us and sent us tumbling and spinning in blackness -- agonizing blackness. I described it at one point to someone as being tortured unceasingly without the repose of death. I prayed and asked God a number of times to just please, please take my entire family in our sleep so we wouldn't have to live the nightmare anymore. Obviously my prayers have gone unanswered -- this time -- and for good reasons, I'm confident. My daughter, Robyn, who was born on my birthday nearly 13 years ago, is the second of six children and the first of two girls (my youngest, now five yrs. old, is a girl). She was -- it is difficult to write "was" when referring to her -- but she was a very special young lady who graced the lives of many with her gentle, caring spirit. She was mature for her 11 1/2 years: helping with household duties and with caring for the little ones. She'd intervene when her brothers didn't get along and she helped to create an atmosphere of peace. She'd offer comfort to a sibling who felt misunderstood. And she'd be found every day playing mom to her baby sister (who was three at time we lost Robyn) by playing with her, reading her stories and the like. In our family of six children we teach the older ones to help with and care for the younger children. Robyn rarely complained. In fact, there was little else she preferred over spending time with her baby sister. All of her siblings loved her dearly, so naturally they suffer -- unnaturally. We suffer because we love. I've told them this. It hurts so much because we loved so much, and we still love so much. The shock of my daughter's sudden and violent death has reverberated throughout our families and our local and church communities. Robyn had several close friendships, but we've learned that a large number of girls considered her to be their "best" friend. She had a very loving way about her that caused her to seek to include others, especially the ones that were shy or on the peripheral. And Robyn and I were very close. I am not going to describe my relationship with her except to say that I don't think it gets any better than what we had. I have to admit that I am tempted to go on and on about this child because I cannot see her sweet freckled face any longer. My eyes are now denied their maternal right to watch the sunlight dance on the blond highlights of her brown hair, or the wind tease her flowing locks. I cannot feel her in my arms any longer, yet I remember her soft skin and wonderful hugs. I do not hear her playing with her brothers and sister, and our piano seems to sit in a sullen silence, wondering why her gentle songs have ceased. Where other moms can talk to their 12 year old daughters, I now can only talk about my memories of mine. And then there's my mother. We were very close. She was not just my mother, but my friend. Always, it seemed, giving, loving, and laughing. She was wonderful to me and my brothers and our children. She had many interests and even had a special "something" for Native Americans. She loved their art (definitely their jewelry) and sympathized with their history. I find it interesting that Verma Harrison is 100% Native American. Well, I felt the need to share these things. Now, I want to focus on Ms. Harrison. Although we despise what has happened at the hands of Verma Harrison, we do not despise the person, Verma Harrison. I cannot remember if it was the first or second day when we learned the driver had been intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 1.9, but I remember thinking, "My God, what happened to this woman that left her with no sense of self-worth, self-respect, self esteem? What happened in her life that caused her to think so irrationally and behave so irresponsibly? What has driven her?" I felt from the beginning that she probably had a lot of problems and needed a lot of help. I knew I was going to write to her to see if I could help. Knowing that God hears when we call upon Him in truth, I fasted and prayed for three days asking God to give me insight into Ms. Harrison, so that my letter would be effective. Early in November of '96 I wrote to her to tell her that I didn't hate her, but wanted to help her. I explained to her my reasons for my perspective and my forgiveness; for they are found in the Bible and are the fruits of a relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ, and by faith in His word. Ms. Harrison wrote back to me -- to all of our family. She wrote a very long letter. A letter which confirmed my impressions of her while writing my first letter to her. Indeed, she suffered much abuse at the hands of irresponsible adults during her growing up years, including sexual and alcohol-influenced abuse. Now, I am a believer that we need to take responsibility for our actions. We need to make choices for good or for evil, for life or for death, in all our daily actions. There are many people, I think, who love to blame their parents, their siblings, their teachers, babysitters or the lack of enough candy in their Christmas stockings for their depressions and woes in life. I've been one of them. These folks need to get a grip -- it's true -- and start making lemonade with those lemons. However, they need to be loved and helped along the way to hopefully reach that point. And then they still need to be loved. And I believe love never fails. Some have said we are foolish for taking this stand. Some say she's carefully scheming with her lawyer to pull our heartstrings for the very purpose of my writing these things to you. Yet I say 1) it was I who wrote to her first, 2) we've made contact twice with her pastor. She's been in attendance since the crash at a local church, and we've contacted the pastor to discuss her actions and faith, and 3) even if her story weren't true, I would still have the satisfaction of knowing that I did the right thing in case it were true. In her letters, I've received and sent several now, she has expressed remorse for what she's done. I think it is not only remorse for the consequences of whatever might be coming to her, but remorse over the injury she has caused this family. We believe it is real. We believe she is waking up and trying to make steps towards a better way of living. As I stated previously, we've made contact with her pastor who confirmed what she had written to us and more. What we've learned is that she's been in counseling 2 x per week at the minimum, she's been in an intensive discipleship/rehab program with a group called Overcomers Outreach, which is an offshoot of their church, and she has been actively involved in reaching out to others who have addictions, telling them of her life, telling them what happened on June 28, 1996, telling them of love and forgiveness and healing and hope. We don't want any of this to end! She wrote and told me how she was about to graduate college with a degree in business, but wants to change that so she can counsel women. She believes she has something to give now. We want her to have the chance to give it away. We've been warned that those awaiting sentencing are on their best behavior because they are very scared. And while we can believe that, we still have reason to believe that Ms. Harrison's rehabilitation is genuine, and that her desire to counsel other women who are suffering with the abuses she's received or inflicted upon herself, is real, too. I've attended several Mothers Against Drunk Driving meetings. They did not seem to like my point of view, in fact some began to get argumentative. When I suggested that if she's telling the truth, she may be able to reach other alcoholics before they kill someone's loved one, the folks at the meeting saw that maybe some good could come out of it. Justice Knapp, there's been an awful lot of pain and suffering: my husband and me and our children, my brothers and their families, my dear father, who's been a very broken, hurting man, and the many, many others in Janice's and Robyn's spheres of influence. If any good could come of this -- we are all for it. We want to see Ms. Harrison have the chance to make good with her life and the lives of her children, and we want to see her reach out to help heal those hurting women she calls "my people." I don't claim to know all she needs right now. She broke the laws of our land and I don't know what's in store for her because of this. We want you to know that we consider her an ally and not an enemy if she is going to pursue what is good and right. If she does this, she'll be fighting the true enemy with us -- which is evil itself. And that battle is won one heart at a time. Let her influence others so that perhaps even one other mother and father, daughter & son-in-law will not have to weep the bitter tears we've wept. Thank you very much for letting us have our say and for considering our thoughts.

Cindy Griffiths
William Garonwy Griffiths

Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939) and Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975) on the Isle of Pines

Standing on steps between columns are from left to right are: Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939); and Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975). This photograph may show the post office in Santa Barbara on the Isle of Pines in Cuba around 1911-1914.

Source: Collection of Marie Elizabeth Winblad (1895-1987).

Charles Edward Ensko I (1880-1952) passport application from October 23, 1916

  • Name: Charles E. Ensko
  • Birth Date: 29 Apr 1880
  • Birth Place: New York, New York
  • Residence: New York City, New York
  • Passport Issue Date: 23 Oct 1916
  • Father Name: William Ensko
  • Father's Birth Location: New York City,
  • Passport Includes a Photo: Y
Source: Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925 (M1490)

Catherine Marie Harney (1878-1966) passport application from July 13, 1923

  • Name: Catherine Marie Lindauer
  • Name Prefix: Married
  • Birth Date: 29 Mar 1878
  • Birth Place: Roscommon, Ireland
  • Gender: Female
  • Residence: Rye, New York
  • Passport Issue Date: 13 Jul 1923
  • Spouse Name: Le Baron Lindauer
  • Spouse Birth Place: New York City, New York
  • Passport Includes a Photo: Y
Source: Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925 (M1490)

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Charles Edward Ensko I (1880-1952) passport letter from 1916

Andreas Saxlehner
Proprietor Of The
Hunyadi Janos Springs
Budapest, Hungary
New York Office 430 Fulton Street
New York
October 20, 1916
Secretary of State
Washington, DC

Honorable Sir:

The writer begs to confirm his statement made when applying for a passport this date, that the purpose of his intended visit to Budapest, Hungary, is to confer with his employees relative to business matters pertaining to their American office, of which he is the manager.

Respectfully yours,
Charles E. Ensko

Lancaster Tandberg wedding

Lancaster - Tandberg

Carol Tandberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Tandberg of Sun Valley, California ... of North Hollywood.

Source: Los Angeles Times; December 25, 1950

Carl Frederick Tandberg (1910-1988) circa 1950

Carl Frederick Tandberg (1910-1988) circa 1950

Source: Carol Tandberg Lancaster

Agnes Hansen (1890-1965) funeral notice

Mrs. Agnes Jensen of 516 Fifth Street, Wilmette, December 4, 1965, wife of the late Leif Jensen. ... Mount Olive Cemetery.

Source: Chicago Tribune; December 5, 1965

Lena Elaine Olson (1860-1938) obituary

Lena Jensen of 48 North Menard Avenue and Williams Bay, January 23, 1938, wife of the late Andrew Jensen, fond mother of Mrs. Mary Marie Hemwall, Mrs. Dolly Gogerty, Mrs. Daisy Woods, Mrs. Goldie Holm, Mrs. Eleanor Shanahan, Leif Leonard Jensen, Alvin Jensen, and the late Mrs. Theo Caro; twenty two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Resting at funeral home 318-320 North Central Avenue, Austin until Wednesday noon. Funeral Wednesday, 2 p.m. at Moreland Lutheran Church, corner Lotus Avenue and Huron Street. Interment Mount Olive Cemetery.

Source: Chicago Tribune; January 24, 1938

Agnes Hansen (1890-1965) obituary

Mrs. Agnes Jensen, 75, of 516 Fifth Street, Wilmette, died yesterday in Evaston Hospital. She was the widow of Leif Jensen, former Chicago broker. Two daughters, Mrs Virginia Banta and Mrs Muriel Patterson, and a brother survive.

Source: Chicago Tribune; December 5, 1965

Leif Jensen (1886-1955) circa 1915-1920 in Chicago, Illinois

Leif Jensen (1886-1955) circa 1915-1920 in Chicago, Illinois

Source: Muriel Elaine Jensen (1928- )

Gladys Stanley Lindauer (1908-1997) and Rudolph Augustus Hecht (1904-1986)

Gladys Stanley Lindauer (1908-1997) and Rudolph Augustus Hecht (1904-1986) on October 11, 1933 in New Jersey.

Source: Sheryl Frances Hecht (1965- )

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Lena Elaine Olson (1860-1938) passport application from April 1, 1922

Lena Elaine Olson (1860-1938) passport application from April 1, 1922

  • Name: Lina Jensen
  • Name Prefix: (Married)
  • Birth Date: 14 Feb 1860
  • Birth Place: Farsund, Norway
  • Gender: Female
  • Residence: Chicago, Illinois
  • Passport Issue Date: 1 Apr 1922
  • Spouse Name: Andrew Jensen
  • Spouse Birth Place: Norway
  • Passport Includes a Photo: Y
Source: Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925 (M1490). Note: February 13, 1860 is used as her birth date in her Farsund, Norway birth records.

Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) passport application of May 16, 1918

Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) passport application of May 16, 1918
  • Name: Jarvis A. Lattin
  • Birth Date: 29 May 1853
  • Birth Place: Farmingdale, New York
  • Residence: Farmingdale, Long Island
  • Passport Issue Date: 16 May 1918
  • Father Name: Henry Lattin
  • Father's Birth Location: Huntington, New York
  • Father's Residence: Deceased
  • Passport Includes a Photo: Y
Source: Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925 (M1490)

Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) passport application of November 29, 1920

Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) passport application of November 29, 1920
  • Name: Jarvis A Lattin
  • Birth Date: 29 May 1863
  • Birth Place: Farmingdale, New York
  • Gender: Male
  • Residence: Farmingdale, New York
  • Passport Issue Date: 29 Nov 1920
  • Father Name: Henry Lattin
  • Father's Birth Location: Huntington, New York
  • Father's Residence: Deceased
  • Spouse Name: Mary Jane Lattin
  • Passport Includes a Photo: Y
Source: Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925 (M1490)

Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975) circa 1920-1925 in the Bronx, New York

From left to right are: Anthony LeRoy Winblad (1912-1970); Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939); Earl Vincent Winblad (1916-2004); Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975); and Norman Edward Winblad (1911-1980) circa 1920-1925 in the Bronx, New York.

Source: Joe Nicolich and Janice Winblad (1935-1996) collection

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Letter from Victor Julius Faller (1888-1973) from October 30, 1916

  • From: Victor Julius Faller (1888-1973), 103 Washington Avenue, Long Island City, Queens County, New York, 11101, USA
  • To: Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918), 22 Hopkins Avenue, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, 07306-1512, USA
  • Date: October 30, 1916.
Dear Friend Lou. Glad to hear you at last packed up your belongings and left S&S. Its about time that you got wise to yourself. Hope that you will have more chance for advancement there than you had [at] S&S. ...
Source: Richard Freudenberg archive via Eloise Lindauer. Note: S&S is Street & Smith publishers.

School photograph from Westbrookville, Orange County, New York area circa 1908-1910

School photograph from Westbrookville, Orange County, New York area circa 1908-1910.

Source: Photograph from the collection of Ralph Freudenberg (1903-1980) and Nora Belle Conklin (1902-1963). Nora Belle Conklin (1902-1963) has been tentatively identified as the second person from the left in the bottom row.

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Heights Boy Died On French Battlefield

Heights Boy Died On French Battlefield

Private Louis J. Freudenberg reported killed in action October 16, was a member of company M, 309th U.S. Infantry. He entered the service April 4, last and went overseas May 19. He was twenty-four years old and was born in Hoboken but his family moved to 63 Concord Street, Jersey City twenty years ago. Private Freudenberg graduated from Public School Number 6, Jersey City and at the time he joined the colors he held a responsible position with Butler Brothers, Jersey City. The young hero is survived by his parents Max and Eloise Freudenberg; three sisters, Ada, Clara and Grace, and by four brothers, Arthur, Eugene, Ralph and Richard, the last named being in the service at Camp Meade, Maryland.

Person: Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918). Source: Hudson Observer, Friday, November 22, 1918. Note: The original halftone photo from the newspaper has been replaced with this black and white scan of the same image from the original from the family archive.

Automobile accident rescue on November 25, 2007

Automobile Accident Rescue on November 25, 2007

I wasn't in the accident, just came across it, and was the first person there. I was driving home from Terhune Orchards with Daniel and Sara. We went to get a pie and some other food from there. We bought their vegetable soup and a bag of donuts, and ate it at one of their picnic tables outside. We finished with eating their walnut apple pie.

We started to drive home and when we reached Lambert Drive and Rosedale in Princeton, I saw a wisp of smoke on my left in the t-intersection, it was around 4:10 pm. I pulled the car over, just before the right hand turn onto Rosedale. Now I could see it was a car that was smoking. It was turned around, so that the trunk was facing the telephone pole it had hit. The top of the telephone pole was still hanging, and the bottom was embedded in the car. The car was upside down. A man that was coming in the other direction got out of his car and I told him to call 911. I looked to the left, as I was facing the car and I thought there was a hot water heater on the ground, as I got closer I realized it was the transformer from the telephone pole, severed from the lines and on the ground.

I bent down and pressed my face against the glass to look in the car. I could make out a body not moving, crumpled in the tight space. I expected to see blood since the body wasn't moving, but there was no blood. I tried three times to break the glass with my cellphone, but the glass didn't break. Then I tried the door, and it opened easily. I reached in and the boy inside grabbed my hand and I pulled him out. He stood up, and was shaken but not hurt. The car engine was still smoldering, so I said we should back up. I could hear the other guy talking to 911 on his cellphone.

I then got in the car and left, as I was driving away three police cars were speeding to the accident.

I have seen many accidents so far:
  • The earliest was when I was a suburban park ranger in Paramus, New Jersey. I was driving to work. It must have been between 1976 and 1980. It was snowing and I was driving on Route 17 North in Paramus. I had already picked up my police radio form headquarters and I called in the accident. I ran up to the car. It had just slid and tapped into the concrete divider, then spun a bit. I was the car behind it. Inside the car the woman was covered in blood, it was running down her face. She wasn't wearing a seatbelt and her face hit the steering wheel.
  • The next car accident was with a fellow Ranger. Matt was driving his jeep like car, and he had other rangers inside. We were racing home, he was passing me, and I was passing him. We were on Farview Avenue heading toward the police station, and I was in the lead. Matt saw me slow down and pull to the right so he used the opportunity to pass me. Speeding up he pulled in front of me, then he realized why I had slowed to a stop. There was a car in front of me making a left hand turn. Matt saw the car as he was pulling ahead of me, but it was too late to stop. He pulled a hard right, and the side of his car with the spare tire hit the trunk of the stopped car, hard. Matt's car kept moving after it bounced off the stopped car, it hopped the curb, then started moving parallel to the road, and disappeared into tall bushes. I could see his tail lights, but the car had disappeared into the bushes. I ran up to the car, expecting them to be dead, but they were already getting out of the car.
  • The Garden State Parkway and Route 9 split. ...

May Ripple (1907-1964) aka Jewell Rippel, aka Mary Ripple funeral notice

Ensko - Jewell M. (nee Rippel)

Source: New York Times; November 24, 1964

Charles Edward Ensko I (1880-1952) funeral notice

Ensko - Charles Edward, Sr. at Levittown, Pennsylvania, beloved husband of Elizabeth McIlwraith Ensko, devoted father of Eloise Ensko Higgins and Charles Ensko, Jr. Services at "The Universal Chapel." Lexington Avenue at 52nd Street on Wednesday, November 26, 1952 at 11 a.m.

Source: New York Times;
November 26, 1952

William Arthur Ensko III (1878-1942) funeral notice

Ensko - November 10, 1942, William A., of Hawthorne, New Jersey, beloved husband of Ethel M. Beaver and father of Arthur W., and brother of Charles E., Eloise and Sophie C. Ensko. ... Interment Hackensack Cemetery.

Source: New York Times; November 12, 1942

Alice Ensko Engaged to Naval Air Officer

Alice Ensko Engaged to Naval Air Officer

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. C. Ensko of 14 Sutton Place South have made known the engagement of their daughter Alice Elizabeth, to Lieutentant (j.g.) George Montieth Keller, Jr. Naval Air Arm, son of Captian Keller, USNR, and Mrs. Keller of Washington.

Source: New York Times; November 11, 1944

Alice Ensko Bride of G. M. Keller, Jr.

Alice Ensko Bride of G. M. Keller, Jr.

Source: New York Times; December 24, 1944

Enskos in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn

Enskos in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn
  • Name: Andrew B. Ensko
  • Date of Interment: 7/5/1888
  • Lot:: 6827
  • Section: 34
  • Name: Eliza Ensko
  • Date of Interment: 4/12/1853
  • Lot: 6827
  • Section: 34
  • Name: Richard F. Ensko
  • Date of Interment: 11/13/1884
  • Lot: 6827
  • Section: 34
  • Name: William Ensko
  • Date of Interment: 8/26/1858
  • Lot: 6827
  • Section: 34
  • Name: Robert Ensko, Sr.
  • Date of Interment: 5/16/1934
  • Lot: 29059
  • Section: 192
Source: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Mary Elizabeth Bleakley (1858-1939) funeral notice

Ensko - On Friday, March 10, 1939, Mary Elizabeth, beloved mother of Mrs. Charlotte E. Horn, Mrs. George Christie, Robert, Lamont N. and Stephen G. C. Ensko. Service at the residence, 401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Freeport, Long Island, Sunday at 2 p.m. Interment private.

Source: New York Times; March 12, 1939

Robert F. Ensko I (1855-1934) funeral notice

Source: New York Times; May 15, 1934, Tuesday

Van Ausdel - Ensko

Van Ausdel - Ensko

Source: New York Times; April 11, 1948

Eloise Lindauer I (1852-1942) funeral notice

Ensko - September 16, 1942, at her home, 552 West 171st Street. Eloise, widow of William and mother of William A., Charles E., Eloise and Sophie C. Ensko. Services at the Universal Chapel, 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue, Saturday, 10 am. Interment private. Omit Flowers.

Source: New York Times; September 17, 1942

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Sub-Contractors Register for the Allied Building Trades

Sub-Contractors Register for the Allied Building Trades
24th Annual Edition

1937 Edition

New York City
Northern New Jersey
Westchester County

Society of the Allied Building Trades, Inc.


Walter F. O'Malley

Joseph O'Malley

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Christopher Joseph Kramer (1985-2005)

Kramer, Christopher Joseph. Christopher Joseph Kramer, of Jacksonville, Fla., died Saturday, November 19, 2005 at Baptist South Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. He was 20. The son of Sabrina Howell Kramer (living in Jacksonville, Fla.) and the late Raymond Richard Kramer, he was born March 25, 1985. Chris attended college in Wahiawa, Hawaii. He was predeceased by his grandfathers, Ronald Kramer and Chuck Pierce. He is survived by his sister, Alexandra Nicole Day and her husband Ben of Jacksonville, Fla.; his grandmothers Florence Kramer of Westbrookville and Rose Pierce of Jacksonville, Fla.; his aunt, Karen Ann Freudenberg of Westbrookville; his uncles, Ronald Kramer and his wife Jennifer of Wesbrookville and Randall Kramer and his wife Deborah of Milford, Pa.; five cousins of Westbrookville; two cousins of Port Jervis; and one niece of Jacksonville, Fla. Visitation was held on Friday, November 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home. A Funeral Mass was celebrated at 2 p.m. on Sat. Nov 26. Contributions may be made to Shriner's Children's Hospital: 1-904-642-5200 ext 13.

Source: Times Herald-Record; November 27, 2005. Note: He is the brother of Karen Ann Kramer Freudenberg of Westbrookville.

Richard Charles Freudenberg II (1932-2006) obituary

Richard Freudenberg. Retired Company Worker., 74. Richard "Dick" Freudenberg of Westbrookville, a 30-year area resident, died Sunday, August 20, 2006 at Bon Secours Community Hospital. He was 74. He was born July 3, 1932 in Jersey City, New Jersey, the son of the late Ralph and the late Nora Conklin Freudenberg. Richard worked for 20 years at American Can Company in Jersey City, New Jersey. He went on to work for 20 years at C & D Battery in Huguenot. A family statement read, "Dick loved to take care of his home and he especially loved mowing his lawn." Surviving are his wife, Marilyn Heyny Freudenberg of 54 years, at home; son, Richard Freudenberg and his wife Catherine of Seattle, Washington; daughters, Susan Williams and her husband Robert of Henderson, Nevada, Nora Terwilliger and her husband Thomas of Westbrookville, Jennifer Chrisinger and her husband, Ken of Cuddebackville; nine grandchildren, Judy, Kurt, Elissa, Chelsea, Matthew, Zoe, Zak, Xander and Xaria; a great-grandson, Juward; and nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held Wednesday at the Gray-Parker Funeral Home with the Reverend Richard Kurisko of Foursquare Gospel Church, Middletown officiating. Cremation was made at H.G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Sullivan County Democrat; August 25, 2006. Photo: July 09, 2004 in Westbrookville, New York. Photograph by Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).