Friday, June 24, 2011


I went to Yosemite National Park on Monday, June 20, 2011. I left from Sacramento around 9:00 am and arrived in Groveland, California to eat around 11:30. We then went into the park and visited Bridalveil Fall. You can walk up close to the base of the waterfall and get soaked. As you approach the air gets very cool from the evaporating water absorbing all the surrounding heat. The wind also picks up and is forceful enough to make people unsteady on their feet. Next was a visit to Lower Yosemite Falls then a hike to Mirror lake.

Image: Behind me is El Capitan and a seasonal waterfall that comes from the melting ice pack.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sigmund Freudenberg (1828-1908) marriage in Eisleben, Germany

Sigmund Freudenberg (1828-1908) aka Siegmund Freudenberg, and Clara Horwitz (1835-c1861) married on January 3, 1856 in Eisleben, Germany.

"1857. Laut Verhandlung vom 22. Dezember 1856, (Vol I, fol. 258, den Akten der Beglaubigungen der Heiraten unter den Juden betreffend) haben der Kaufmann Siegmund Freudenberg zu Berlin und die Jungfrau Clara Harwitz, Tochter des verstorbenen Kaufmanns Aronn Harwitz, zu Eisleben geboren, am vierten März 1832, welche zu der jüdischen Glaubensgemeinschaft zugehören, erklärt, daß sie fortan als ehelich miteinander verbunden betrachten wollen. Eisleben, am dritten Januar eintausend achthundert siebenundfünfzig. Schnorbusch Protokollführer."

German to English:
1857. According to law of December 22, 1856, (Volume I, folio 258, the files of the legalization of marriages among Jews) have the merchant Siegmund Freudenberg of Berlin and the virgin Clara Horwitz, daughter of the late businessman Aronne Horwitz of Eisleben, born on the March 4, 1832, which belong to the Jewish community, declared that henceforth it will consider as legitimate linked. Eisleben, January 3, 1857. Schnorbusch, secretary.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kevin Borland on Sigmund Freudenberg (1828-1908)

Kevin Borland wrote on June 7, 2011: "If you're up, do you have a copy of where we got Max Freudenberg's birth date. I see there are two different birth years on the Internet. Also, I think I found Clara Horwitz' paternal grandparents, Abraham Horwitz and Pauline Froelich. I also found Sigmund Freudenburg's second wife Augusta, after Clara died. Sigmund had a full-sister Gertrude, and a half-sister Jennie, hence the origin of the name Jenny Gertrude. We'll have to search Philadelphia records to prove it's the same family, but I think it is, because Max is in the household in 1870 when they lived in New York, before Sigmund shows up in Philadelphia 1880. Sigmund sold life insurance. His office was across the street from the US Mint. Siegmund Freudenberg died March 23, 1908 in Manhattan. Up until then, he was living with his daughter Jennie (Freudenberg) Eidelman."