Monday, February 07, 2011

The missing Freudenberg child that died on May 1, 1879

A second Freudenberg mystery solved today thanks to the revamped All this information was probably there in their database for a decade but was inaccessible because of their terrible user interface that restricted even the simplest searches. I always knew my grandfather was 1 of 15 children, my mom told me that and it was confirmed in the census. Of the 15 only 9 lived to adulthood and only 5 went on to have grandchildren. Today I found the death of the missing, 15th child, it was their first and he died, un-named on May 1, 1879.

The Church of the Latter Day Saints finally upgraded their website after about 15 years. The old site was so frustrating. It would not you do a standard Boolean search by adding what data you want into the fields. It always demanded that certain fields be filled in and other not filled in. The result was I could never search for say "Freudenberg" and "Lindauer". It always demanded that I had to put in a first name, or could only search on one name. The error message would read: "If you enter a last name without a first name, you must not fill in any other field except a country."

Since the new search has been in place I have been able to find dozens of birth and deaths that were in the database but were inaccessible because of the odd search restrictions.

Maximillian S. Freudenberg III (1893-1900)

A minor family mystery was solved today. I found the death of Maximillian S. Freudenberg III (1893-1900). I always thought he died as an infant then a years ago I found him still alive in the 1900 US census in Hoboken. He didn't live much longer past the census and died at age 7. The name was a curse, his younger brother, Maximillian S. Freudenberg II (1881) only lived for 11 days. I just hope he wasn't buried in Hoboken Cemetery. They are notorious for reselling the graves of children if there was no tombstone.