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Lindauer Ensko family bible. It was given new as a wedding present to Eloise Lindauer I (1852-1944) when she married William Arthur Ensko II (1850-1889) on July 05, 1876. It records family deaths. The bible is archived with Eloise Ensko Higgins (1950- ) in Hamilton, New Jersey Posted by Picasa

1880 US Census, New Jersey:
Enumeration District 49, Sheet 24 (written), Sheet 290D (stamped), Image 24/97
51 8th Street, Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA
Charles F. Lindauer, head, age 43, b. Pennsylvania, cigar dealer
his parents from Strausbourg, Alsace
Anna A. Lindauer, wife, age 39, b. in New York
Eloise Freudenberg, daughter, age 20
Max Freudenberg, son-in-law, age 22, clerk in life insurance company
Arthur Lindauer, son, age 20, b. in New Jersey
Ada Lindauer, daughter, age 12, New York
Anna Lindauer, daughter, age 7, New York
Harry Lindauer, son, age 3, b. in New Jersey
LeBaron Lindauer, son, age 1, b. in New York
Household Explained:
Charles F. Lindauer (1836-1921) Husband of Anna Kershaw
Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931) Wife of Charles Lindauer
Eloise (Ellie) Lindauer (1861-1935) Child of Charles Lindauer and Anna Kershaw
Maximillian (Max) S. Freudenberg I (1858-1921) Husband of Eloise (Ellie) Lindauer (1861-1935)
Arthur Lindauer (1860-1944) Child of Charles Lindauer and Anna Kershaw
Adeline (Ada) Lindauer (1868-?) Child of Charles Lindauer and Anna Kershaw
Anna Lindauer (1873-?) Child of Charles Lindauer and Anna Kershaw
Harry Lindauer (1877-1923) Child of Charles Lindauer and Anna Kershaw
LeBaron Hart Lindauer (1878-1945) Child of Charles Lindauer and Anna Kershaw
Source: US Census, New Jersey, 1880 Posted by Hello

Anita Malootian aka Christine Six (1961- ) by Anna Maria Malootian (1927- )

Christine Six (1961- ) by Anna Maria Malootian (1927- )

Anita's story was a complicated one. She was her biological mother's fifth child. The young mother of four children left them with her husband, came to our corner of the world, had a relationship with a man other than her husband, and consequently, gave birth to Anita. Soon after the baby was born, the mother was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. we were told that she had a difficult time deciding what to do about Anita ... As for her biological background, Anita was always curious. When she was little, she would describe to her friends her "other mother" as being big and wearing long skirts down to her feet. She also fantasized about having no fewer than nine sisters. When she reached the age of eighteen, Anita contacted Catholic Charities about finding her biological mother. She knew what I told her, and she learned a little more from the agency; however, she did not seriously pursue the matter, stating she was afraid of what she would find. Two years ago, I received a call from the state youth service agency stating that it had a matter of some importance to discuss with Anita. When I called my daughter, ever the physiologist, and gave her the message, her immediate reaction was, "Oh, my God, someone wants my kidney!" It greatly amused me, and I made the counter suggestion that someone might have left her a million dollars! At any rate, when Anita contacted the agency, she learned that she had a younger sister who wanted to find her. This child, born three years after Anita to the same mother, but a different father, had also been adopted, and although she had learned of the original four children as well, she confined her search to Anita, and in a very short order, Anita was on the phone to to Joanne, her new-found sister. They planned to meet when Anita came home for Rob's college graduation the following weekend. At my urging, Joanne was invited to come to the graduation party on Sunday.
I would have loved to have witnessed the meeting of the two girls on that Friday afternoon...
Source: Walk In Love, Anna Malootian, 1992

Christine Six (1961- ) aka Anita Malootian Posted by Hello

Daniel Thomas Norton (1993- ) in 2002 passport image Posted by Hello

Ytterlännäs Old Church in Sweden

Ytterlännäs Old Church in Sweden Posted by Hello

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Frideborg Winblad (1869-1964) circa 1950 in Sweden

Frideborg Winblad (1869-1964) circa 1950 in Sweden. Photograph from the collection of Bitte Pettersson (1966- ) aka Bitte Kempe of Mariefred, Sweden.Posted by Hello

1900 Sweden Census with Frideborg Winblad

1900 Sweden Census, Härnösand, Västernorrland, Sweden with Frideborg Winblad Posted by Hello

John Edward Winblad (1856-1914) on the Isle of Pines, Cuba circa 1912 Posted by Hello

Daniel Thomas Norton (1991- ) short story of Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Daniel Thomas Norton (1991- )
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Once upon a time in a place where people would grow giant heads if they fell asleep a evil scientists named Joe Colololo did something so sinister it almost destroyed the world here is the story once upon a time. Oh yah i already said that ok lets go to the story so the doctor Joe Colololo wanted to destroy the world so he made a potion that would make people fall asleep he tested it and it worked. He made many people fall asleep so a war went on to save the world bam bam, the big heads were winning as they shot beams out of there eyes but the small heads had the technology cause they weren’t asleep, but then the scientist accidentally fell in his potion don don don and he got a super huge head cause he was realy tired but luckily the bloooooo's from planet.

[Our hero] wanted tomatoes from that planet so it couldn’t be destroyed so they started killing big heads and they were winning but the tomatoes came in they didn’t want to be eaten so they used there tomato skills to kill of the small heads and war was finally getting good so I got some popcorn.

To be continued

Findagrave further problems

Looks like findagrave has found a new way to punish me for speaking out about their deletion policy of images that have been stored to their website. Previously I complained that they were purging scanned documents that people had added to their website. It started when I complained about them deleting portraits of people that were stored in gif format. This put me under scrutiny and then they started deleting all document images from my records. The images had been in my account for over a year, but started to be deleted when I complained about gif images. Now they have blocked access to my account. I thought the problem had been resolved when I paid them $5 per grave entry so that I could store up to 20 images per gravesite. But even after paying the money, the images were still being deleted. They still insist that they have full editorial control, and delete all document images. I had transcribed almost 100 letters and postcards and posted them, only to find them deleted, and the more I complined the faster they were deleted. I fear that if I ever open my mouth to complain again, they may start deleting all my entries. They also are deleting my complaints from their message boards. I guess you can only post compliments there.

I feel like a rape victim. I was very satisfied, knowing that if I died, all my family history would be preserved at findagrave. Now I feel ill knowing that they can be so arbitrary and vindictive in their editorial policy.

At least I can still put my thoughts down here in my blog. I hope someone else reads this and sympathizes.

Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918) image Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

From left to right are: Charlotte C. Kahrar (1897-1963); Richard (Dick) Charles Freudenberg II (1918-1994); and Richard F. Freudenberg (1896-1988) circa 1942 probably at 92 Jefferson Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey Posted by Hello

3 U.S. airmen here to explain aid to loyalists. Acosta, Berry, Schneider fly to capital with their attorney. Back from the broken harvests of the bloody Spanish war, the famed triumvir of American air fighters ? Bert Acosta, Gordon Berry and Eddie Schneider ? flew into Washington Airport yesterday all set to do some tall explaining to the Federal Government. Apparently none the worse for the wear and tear of the bitter civil conflict, now in its sixth month, the trio who quit because "it would be suicide to continue" and because their actions ?might not be in tune with the spirit of neutrality", talked freely with newsmen about the reasons that motivated their enlistment. "I was broke, hungry, jobless," 25-year-old Schneider, who is married and has a family in New York, said. "Yet despite the fact that all three of us are old-time aviators who did our part for the development of the industry were left out in the cold in the Administration?s program of job making. Can you blame us for accepting the lucrative Spanish offer?" While other airmen ? British and French ? were afforded a two-week courtesy for training, American fliers were just shown to loyalist hangars, given a plane and and ordered to do their stuff. "We were flying old crates," Acosta said, ?while other nationalists were given modern ships. But for the protection afforded us by Soviet pursuit planes we would not be alive now to tell you this tale." All three had the highest praise for the Russian flyers and nothing but scorn for the Moors. "They are the traditional enemies of the Spaniard," Berry said. "Spain is not fighting a civil war but an invasion.? Denying news reports that they dropped bombs over Burgos as a Christmas Day greeting for the fascist rebel junta, the fliers said that they spent the holidays in Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous state of Barcelona. Once they stared death in the face. That was in the Catalan capitol when all unwittingly they tuned in on Rome in a restaurant radio and had a band blare forth with the Fascist anthem. "It was a close call." The youthful Schneider said, "we almost got shot as agents provocateur." Unpaid, and hearing of repercussions back home from the British Ambassador in Bilboa, the trio made up their minds to quit the conflict for good. "This was a mess," Schneider explained, "and there was always that never-ending jockeying for the power among the factions to contend with, it got to the point where we did not know who we were fighting and why, and you can say that we are damn glad to be back." The three fliers were accompanied here by their attorney, Colonel Lewis Landes, of New York, an officer in the Reserve Corps. They came here voluntarily to see various Government officials, but the State Department not on their calling list. In the afternoon they had lunch at the Army and Navy Club and discussed modern fighting methods with Colonel Richards. The latter was interested in the war value of pursuit ships and questioned the trio on the observations. Tomorrow all three have an appointment with Senator Ashurst on neutrality legislation. They also will be questioned by the Justice and Commerce departments, but they did not disclose the nature of the conferences. Regarding the pay owed them by the Spanish Government, Landes disclosed that all three received "about $500 apiece" Monday from "the Spanish counsel" in New York. He did not disclose the latter?s identity. Meanwhile, representative McCormack (Democrat), of Massachusetts, was requesting of Secretary of State Cordell Hull a State Department inquiry into whether a Spanish consul in New York had paid American aviators to serve in the Spanish civil war. In a letter he demanded a withdrawal of the counsel?s credentials if there had been any violation of the United States or international law. McCormack told newsmen that a special House investigating committee, of which he is chairman, had revealed that "certain foreign governments" had no compunction about using their diplomatic representatives to this country to further their plans and "violate international laws." Posted by Hello

Mother in hospital in 2005

Selma was put in Valley Hospital some time last week. I visited her on Friday, June 27, 2005. I picked up my dad at Gorden Drive and drove him to the hospital. My mom was in good spirits and ate her food. She often complains of not being able to breathe, but I think she just has the same allergies and bronchospasms that run in the family. My sister, Judy has them also. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty breathing and I take a pseudoephedrine tablet and if its summer, i turn on the air conditioner, and in a few minutes I can breathe. Judy told me that she heard from our aunt, Helen Freudenberg, that our grandfather, Arthur Oscar Freudenberg would have breathing problems and have to stop the car and he would roll around in the grass trying to catch his breath. My mom suffers from hypochondria, and judging from her sister's writings, my mom would have the ambulance come to the house every month when she had he period. All pain to her is exagerated. She was fine Friday, and I told her I would try and visit her on Saturday. I didn't and she became very, very depressed. She called me and told me that she was all alone and that "I didn't love her".

I visited her at the Dell Ridge nursing home in Paramus on Monday, June 27, 2005. My dad was already there, he had walked there from Gordon Drive and had arrived at 2:40 pm. I drove through the rain to get there, it took two hours to drive. There was an accident on Easton Avenue and traffic was backed up. 287 South and the Garden State Parkway were bumper to bumper.

Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) in 2004 Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Name: Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968)Date of Death: Monday, January 22, 1968
Place of Death: Jersey City Med. Ctr., 50 Baldwin Ave., Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ, 07304-3199, USA
Residence at Death: Hoboken, New Jersey
Cause of Death: Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease (ASHD)
Age at Death: 77 years Posted by Hello

From left to right are: Maria (Mae) Elisabeth Winblad III (1895-1987) with arm around Geraldine Marie Winblad (1928- ); Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998) holding Naida (Lynn) Lynette Van Deusen (1936- ); Ada Augusta Freudenberg (1884-1957); Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921- ); Helene Elizabeth Bentley (1905-1999); Otto Perry Winblad (1902-1977) behind Helen Eloise Freudenberg (1928-1989); Ruth Edith Backe who is Naida's best friend; Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968); Burnett (Pete) Peter Van Deusen (1913-1993); Lynette Mae Curlhair (1872-1942); Benjamin S. Van Deusen I (1872-1937); Richard Burnett Van Deusen (1931- ); and Benjamin S. Van Deusen II (1903-1972) on July 26, 1936 at the baptism of Naida (Lynn) Lynette Van Deusen at Trinity Lutheran Church on 195 Claremont Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. Posted by Hello

From left to right are: Helen Eloise Freudenberg (1928-1989); Marie (Mae) Elizabeth Winblad (1895-1987); Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968); and Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921- ) on Easter Sunday, 1961 in the Home of Helen on Grace Street in Jersey City, New Jersey. Photograph from the collection of Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921- ). Posted by Hello

Arthur Oscar Freudenberg (1891-1968) Easter 1961 at Grace Street, Jersey City, New Jersey Posted by Hello

From: Ralph Freudenberg, Jersey City, New Jersey. To: Mr. Arthur Freudenberg, 70 Laurences Cottage, Highlands, New Jersey. August 26, 1911. Dear brother Authur. Glad you are having a good time and enjoying, but we will all be glad to see you again. we all received your postals today. From Ralph. Love and kisses. Posted by Hello

In back row from left to right are: Selma (Sally) Louise Freudenberg (1921- ) and Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998). In front row from left to right are: Helen Eloise Freudenberg (1928-1989) and Geraldine Marie Winblad (1928- ). The photograph was taken on Claremont Avenue in Jersey City in 1933. Photograph from the collection of Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998). Posted by Hello

Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921- ) in 1939 High School graduation Posted by Hello

April 1961, 268 Gordon Drive, Paramus, New Jersey Posted by Hello

1960, Easter Sunday, Jersey City, New Jersey Posted by Hello

Selma Norton in October 1960 at 268 Gordon Drive, Paramus, New Jersey. Posted by Hello

Selma Norton circa 1942 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Photographer was Vinod. Posted by Hello

From left to right are: LeBaron (Lee) Hart Lindauer (1878-1945); and Catherine Harney (1878-1966) circa 1930 in Rye, Westchester County, New York. Posted by Hello

From left to right are: Anna Lindauer (1873-1956); Catherine Harney (1878-1966); Anna (Annie) Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931); and LeBaron (Lee) Hart Lindauer (1878-1945) in Rye, Westchester County, New York around 1930. Posted by Hello