Monday, August 15, 2005

Thomas Patrick Norton (1891-1968) letter from World War I

Ambulance Co. 314
Sanitary Train 303
December 1, 1918

From: Pvt 1st class Thomas Norton
To: Commanding General 78th Division (Thru Channels)
Subject: Leave of Absence.

1. Request permission to visit my uncle, Mr. Andrew Cairns, 24 Rue Flat, Boulogne Sur Mer, this provision to be for the period of seven days.

2. My uncle is 60 years of age and this will probably be my last opportunity to see him.

3. I enlisted June 12, 1917 and have served in the American Expeditionary Forces since June 11, 1918.

Thomas Norton

Source: Thomas Patrick Norton (1891-1968) ; December 1, 1918. The original is with Kenneth Norton in Florida. Note: Andrew Cairns does not appear to be an uncle of Thomas Norton.