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Writings of Sara Ann Norton (1991- ) written in 2004:

Writings of Sara Ann Norton (1991- ) written in 2004:

My family is an odd bunch. I have one younger brother, Daniel Norton, who is ten. I also have one younger step-brother, Ethan Kravitz, who is nine, and one younger step-sister, Hannah Kravitz, who is five. I have a mom, Anita, and a dad, Richard. I have a step-dad named David Kravitz and a bunch of pets. I have two cats, Zenith and Tic-tac, a dog names Joshua, a snake names C.C., and my step-brother Ethan has a hamster named Rosie. I have two uncles on my mom’s side. I have an uncle Rob who is my mom’s younger brother. Uncle Rob is married to Aunt Erica. My other uncle, my mom’s older brother, is named Uncle Tim. Uncle Tim is married to Aunt Tracey. They have three kids, Tyler, Taryn, and Terysa. Both my mom and her two brothers were adopted by my nonno (grandfather) and nonna (grandmother). My nonno’s name is Markay Malootion, or Mark for short, and my nonna’s name is Anna Malootion. On my dad’s side, I also have a grandfather and a grandmother. We call my grandfather Pop-pop but his real name is Tom Norton. Selma Norton is the name of my grandmother, but we just call her Nanny. My dad has an older brother names Tom and an older sister named Judy. Judy is married to Uncle Paul. Neither of my dad’s siblings have children. My family has many traditions. One family tradition is that I go to my nonna’s and nonno’s every Christmas. We always drive up to them through hours of traffic just to see them for the holidays. Another big tradition in my family is that every Tuesday at my mom’s house it is family dinner night. We all eat dinner and talk together on that very special night. Also, every Sunday at my dad’s house we go to IHOP for brunch. I always get the same thing, pancakes with warm blueberry compote. Even though my family traditions may be a bit different then yours, I still love to carry them out.

About Me:
I get along pretty well with other people. I tend to stay away from younger children but when I do talk to them I get along all right. Although, I do get mad when younger kids don’t understand what I am trying to say. I also get along rather well with older people, but there is often conflict when adults start to think they are all superior. I get along really well with my peers but there are a few who I just hate and could never get along with even if I tried. Even though I do get along OK with others, I prefer to work alone so that I can make sure everything is exactly how I want it to be. However, I don’t mind getting a little help from others every now and then. Even though I do prefer to work alone, I still have a lot of friends and a few very close friends. I don’t really think of myself as a “crowd follower”. I think I am more independent. I prefer to work at my own pace and I like to do things my way, not anybody else’s. When I run into problems I tend to handle them by taking control of the situation and staying on top of the problem. I have quite a few activities I like to do in my free time. Some of my favorites are horseback riding, swimming, and being with friends. These are all extremely fun things to do. My favorite time of day is around early evening and late at night. Sometimes so late that it is the next morning. That is the time I feel my best and most alert and productive. I only have one major phobia, arachnophobia. Whenever I see a spider I always force my brother, or even just some random person, to squish it. When I was little, whenever I saw a spider I would have nightmares and sometimes couldn’t sleep for days! In addition to being arachnophobic, I am also a little bit claustrophobic. I tend to stay away from small places, but it isn’t really a big deal if I have to go in a tight space. They just make me a little bit nervous.

My definition of a friend has many different parts to it. First of all, a friend is someone who is always there no matter how mad they are or how big the fight was. A real friend wouldn’t just leave you if you needed help, even if they were really mad. A friend is someone you can laugh with and have a good time with no matter where or when. You should always be able to have a good time with your friend. A friend is someone you have known for a long time and you have a lot in common with. You can’t even talk to someone you have nothing in common with, let alone be friends with them. Not all friends are like this, but there are those few who are the perfect example of a friend. When I think of my definition of a friend, one person immediately pops into my mind, my friend Jenna [Stern]. The entire time I have known her we have only been in two or three really big fights and we have never stayed mad at each other for more that five minutes. I hardly ever get to see Jenna, but whenever I do, we always have a great time wherever we go. I have known Jenna since pre-school and we have everything in common. We like to do all the same things, we like the same music, the same type of book, we like everything the other does! I don’t know what I would do without Jenna; she is the perfect example of a friend.

First Allowance:
The day I got my first allowance was a day to remember, I was about nine years old on that fateful day when I received my first piece of currency. At that time, we were living next to a convenience store that had about three aisles of the sweetest candy you have ever tasted. I got $1.00 for allowance which doesn’t seem like a lot now but back then I thought I could buy a house with all that money. The first thing I did was to go to the convenience store and go straight to the candy aisles. I picked the biggest bag I could get for my dollar. On the way home I finished the entire bag. Even though it wasn’t a lot of candy, it still tasted great! From then on, every week when I got my allowance the first thing I did was to go to the convenience store and buy some candy. Now, I am older and I get more money for my allowance. I usually save it up or spend it on bigger things, but every now and then I still like to take a trip to the candy store and get some tasty treats.

What would you do if you won $50,000 and had to spend it one day?
Wow, I have just won $50,000! But how should I spend it? I only have 24 hours to spend every last cent. I know! I could buy a horse! I could buy a beautiful roan horse! That would only be about $10,000. But, if I got a horse I would have to buy tons of horse items. I would have to buy a beautiful leather bridle and a magnificent leather saddle to match. I would have to purchase horse food and a custom made halter. Only the best for my horse! That would probably cost another $6,000. So now I’ve spent about $16,000. How can I possibly spend the rest? I suppose I could spice up my room with all that money. The first thing I would have to do would be to hire some builders to build a small addition on to my room. I figure I will spend $16,000 on that. I would have to pay the builders up front so that I can spend the money in the 24 hour time limit. Of course, I would have to fill my sparse closet. I would take a trip to the mall and travel around a bit. I would take a look at the mall map and visit every clothing store there. I would have to restrain myself and make sure I don’t spend more than $1,975 on clothing. Then there is the matter of that one corner of my room that is always empty. I think I’ll get a nice $25 pogo stick to fill it up. I have always wanted a pogo stick! Now that I have the addition, I need something to fill it, so I think I’ll get the best big flat screen TV $2,000 can buy. I would also need to buy a brand new, high-tech computer. Of course, the computer would have to be flat screen so that it looks good with the TV across the room. I would order the best computer Dell has and would buy all the matching accessories. I would get speakers, a laser mouse, and a keyboard. I would also get all the best upgrades. The computer would probably be about $2,000 and the all the gadgets and knick-knacks would probably be about $6,000. But what do I do with the $6,000 I have left? I will donate it to trusted charities. I will give $1,000 to a charity to help stop child abuse, $1,000 to one of the charities that helps starving animals, and $1,000 to a charity that helps starving and sick children. The other $3,000 I would divide up and give to local collages, schools, and hospitals. I think that each charity would appreciate it; even though once it’s all divided up it isn’t a lot for each charity.

Where Fantasize to Live and What to be:
If I could live anywhere and anyway I wanted, I would live in Japan in a fairly small house, with a few airy rooms and only one floor. I really like Japanese style rooms and landscaping and I think it could be really great to live there. Even though in reality it is practically impossible to get any land in Japan, I would have a HUGE plot of land with my little house right in the middle. I would have fountains, flowerbeds, beautiful benches, and even one of those little ponds with golden fish in them. If I could be anything I wanted, I would be a vet for one of those “Animal Cop” shows. I think it would be wonderful to be able to treat all the animals that had been abused and neglected. I could just see myself taking care of all the wounded and dying animals. I would make sure that every animal was nursed back to health and found a new, loving home.

Rules are meant to be broken. However, there are a few that you should always follow. The first rule that you should live by is that you should live life to its fullest. Otherwise life is just boring and not worth living. Another ruler to remember is to accept what like throws at you and move on. Lingering on what has happened doesn’t help with anything. Finally, the last rule that you shouldn’t forget is that good things don’t come to those who wait, so don’t wait around for everything to come to you. Instead, go and make things happen. Remember these rules; they are the precious few that should never be broken. These rules are not really “do” or “don’t” rules. One of the rules does actually say “don’t” in it while the other two do tell you to do something without actually saying “do this”. My rules would most likely work for other people. They are rules that everybody should follow in order to lead a successful life. They tell you how you should control your life and how to have a little fun every now and then. I think that they say I am one of those people who just take the bull by the horns and just lives life.