Saturday, October 01, 2005

Westfield, New Jersey, August 14, 1930 (AP) Eddie Schneider, 18 year old pilot took off at 5:55 am (Eastern Daylight Time) today in an attempt to set a new junior transcontinental flight record. The present record was established by the late Frank Goldsborough, who made the trip in 33 hours, 35 minutes. He plans to make his first stop at Columbus, for fuel and a second refueling stop at St. Louis. At Wichita, Kansas, he plans to to spend the night while a 250 gallon tank is fitted into his plane. The last stage of the flight will be to Alhambra, California, which he hopes to reach by tomorrow night. Source: Newark Advocate, Newark, Ohio, August 14, 1930. Posted by Picasa