Sunday, April 01, 2007

Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918) birth certificate

Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918) birth certificate.

Full name of Child (if any): Louis Freudenberg
Color of Child: White
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: Saturday, August 04, 1894
Place of Birth: 220 Madison Street, Hoboken, New Jersey
Name of Father: Max Freudenberg
Maiden name of Mother: Eloise Lindauer
Country of Father's Birth: Germany
Age of Father: 36
Occupation of Father: Clerk
Country of Mother's Birth: US
Age of Mother: 33 [sic]
Number of Children in all by this Marriage: echt (eight)
How Many Living: sechs (six?)
Note: The birth order appears correct but only 5 children survived including Louis's birth

Source: Birth Certificate, Louis Julius Freudenberg, 1894