Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hemwalls of Chicago, Illnois circa 1916

Top row from left to right are: Lars Hemwall (1879-1965) aka Lars Hansson who married Josephine M. Nilsson (1893-1975); Alfred Hemwall (1872-1954) aka Alfred Hansson who married Ellen Ingeborg Johnson (1871-1948); and Emil Hemwall (1888-1965) aka Emil Hansson who married Amelie Blekinge Linquist (1893-1976). Middle row from left to right are: John Hemwall (1873-1946) aka Johan Hansson who married Ebba C. Lawson (1874-1956); Anders Hemwall I (1877-1956) aka Anders Hansson who married Sigrid S. Lawson (1877-?); George Hemwall (1881-1950) aka Goran Hansson who married Maria X (c1885-?); Nels Hemwall (1875-1965) aka Nils Hansson who married Ida Anderson (c1875-1939) and after her death married Mary (Marie) Marie Jensen (1883-1969). Bottom row from left to right are: Margaret Hemwall (1891-1983) aka Margaret Hansdatter who married Carl P. Rose (c1890-?); Hans Andersson Hemwall (1843-1921) aka Hans Andersson, the father; and Anna Hemwall (1886-1956) aka Anna Hansdatter who married Otto Wilner (c1885-1963). Image circa 1916.

Source: Image from the collection of John (Jack) Burnett Hemwall (1930- ).