Tuesday, June 01, 2010

William Nagy (c1895-?) letter to Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918) on December 4, 1915

185 East 7th Street
New York City
December 4, 1915

Dear Louis. I received your letter this morning and thank you for writing me and letting me know how you and the fellows are getting along. You say Street and Smith is busy now. I'll bet the boss is glad. Does he still go around picking at every fellow? I bet you're glad you are not in his way. By your letter I note you got is soft. You might as well take it easy while you have the chance. I landed a job in the office of a restaurant down on lower Broadway, acting as a stenographer, assisting the bookkeeper and being cashier for part of the day. It was temporary and lasted about 6 weeks. I received $10 wages and lunch. Now I am out for another job and expect to land it soon. I am sorry to hear Seger is sick. when you see him again again tell him I was asking about him. I bet Faller is working hard. "not." How is Goldstein? The guy who always says hi is going to leave next week. Who has charge of 16th Street now? Does Hudson or Low mention anything about me? This all I have to say, so I will bid you farewell until I either see you or hear from you again. I hope that will be in the near future. With best wishes, your friend William Nagy. P.S. Tell the fellows I was asking for them. Tell Hudson I said if he wants to get fat he should eat a good square meal for lunch, and he should leave the windows open so he and the fellows can get plenty of fresh air.