Friday, December 03, 2010

Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1836-1921) of Lindauer & Co., tobacconist

Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1836-1921) of Lindauer & Co., tobacconist. Charles and his brother Louis Julius Lindauer (1838-1915) operated tobacco stores in Hoboken, Jersey City and Manhattan, that made and sold cigars. They also used the stores for their numbers racket. In 1894 he was outed by the Lexow Commission as a minor player in the numbers racket and he used the opportunity to retire and he moved to a mansion in Rye, New York.

"Jersey City, June 1, 1889. August Mueller, who was the collector in this city for Lindauer & Co., tobacconist, was sent to jail this morning for contempt of court. His employers were dissatisfied with his returns and had a receiver appointed to examine his accounts. Mueller refused to surrender his books and his arrest followed."

Source: Newark Sunday Call; June 2, 1889