Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Augusta Hermann (1835-1904) Freudenberg

Augusta Hermann (1835-1904) Freudenberg (b. 1835; Walldorf, Saxon, Germany - d. November 22, 1904; Manhattan, New York, USA)

Simon Hermann and Golda Hermann according to her death certificate.

She was born in Walldorf, Saxon, Germany. The information came from the 1870 US census for Manhattan.

Augusta Hermann was Jewish.

Hoboken, New Jersey:
There is an Augusta Hermann in the 1860 census in Hoboken, New Jersey who may be our Augusta.

She married Siegmund Freudenberg around 1868.

Kate Freudenberg (1869–before 1880); Carry Hildise Freudenberg (1871–before 1880); Harriette Freudenberg (1871–before 1880); and Jennie Freudenberg (1872–1943) Eidelman.

She died on November 22, 1904 at age 69 in Manhattan. Her death certificate number was "38196". She died under the name "Augusta Freudenberg". She had been hospitalized from September 6, 1904 to November 22, 1904. The cause of death was "carcinoma of stomach" with "mitral regurgitation".

Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. It is a Jewish cemetery.