Friday, March 17, 2006

Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939) in Cuba circa 1913

Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939) in Santa Barbara on the Isle of Pines, Cuba circa 1913.

From left to right are: Norman Edward Winblad (1911-1980); Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939); and Anthony LeRoy Winblad (1912-1970) circa 1913 at the home of Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) and Mary Jane Puckett (1854-1927) near Santa Barbara on the Isle of Pines in Cuba.

Source: This picture was taken by Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975) with his camera. The family appears to be returning to their own home a few miles away. The image comes from the collection of Maria Elizabeth Winblad (1895-1987).