Friday, January 11, 2008

Burnett Peter Van Deusen (1913-1993) rescues boy from drowning

Burnett Peter Van Deusen (1913-1993) rescues boy from drowning
A 3-year-old Macon boy who fell into a motel swimming pool in Atlanta Monday afternoon was saved from drowning by two bystanders, police said. The child, identified as Si Simmons, was seen floating face down in the pool at Holiday Inn, 1810 Howell Mill Road, by Pete Van Deusen of Fairfield, New Jersey, who jumped in and hauled the boy out. A physician who examined the boy, said he would recover.
Person: Burnett Peter Van Deusen (1913-1993) aka Pete Van Deusen; Magnetic Ink Salesman at Sun Chemical (b. November 10, 1913, Albany, Albany County, New York, 12208, USA - d. October 31, 1993, Montville, Morris County, New Jersey, 07045, USA) Social Security Number 058077827.

Note: This version has the 15 seconds of dead air at the beginning edited out, and the audioless bumpers showing the rescued child and his mother, and the pool reduced. The bumpers had no audio to allow for a voiceover during broadcast by the local news anchor. The actual interview is in two segments. I added opening titles.

Source: Local News, circa 1960-1970