Thursday, June 30, 2005

Anita Malootian aka Christine Six (1961- ) by Anna Maria Malootian (1927- )

Christine Six (1961- ) by Anna Maria Malootian (1927- )

Anita's story was a complicated one. She was her biological mother's fifth child. The young mother of four children left them with her husband, came to our corner of the world, had a relationship with a man other than her husband, and consequently, gave birth to Anita. Soon after the baby was born, the mother was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. we were told that she had a difficult time deciding what to do about Anita ... As for her biological background, Anita was always curious. When she was little, she would describe to her friends her "other mother" as being big and wearing long skirts down to her feet. She also fantasized about having no fewer than nine sisters. When she reached the age of eighteen, Anita contacted Catholic Charities about finding her biological mother. She knew what I told her, and she learned a little more from the agency; however, she did not seriously pursue the matter, stating she was afraid of what she would find. Two years ago, I received a call from the state youth service agency stating that it had a matter of some importance to discuss with Anita. When I called my daughter, ever the physiologist, and gave her the message, her immediate reaction was, "Oh, my God, someone wants my kidney!" It greatly amused me, and I made the counter suggestion that someone might have left her a million dollars! At any rate, when Anita contacted the agency, she learned that she had a younger sister who wanted to find her. This child, born three years after Anita to the same mother, but a different father, had also been adopted, and although she had learned of the original four children as well, she confined her search to Anita, and in a very short order, Anita was on the phone to to Joanne, her new-found sister. They planned to meet when Anita came home for Rob's college graduation the following weekend. At my urging, Joanne was invited to come to the graduation party on Sunday.
I would have loved to have witnessed the meeting of the two girls on that Friday afternoon...
Source: Walk In Love, Anna Malootian, 1992