Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Findagrave further problems

Looks like findagrave has found a new way to punish me for speaking out about their deletion policy of images that have been stored to their website. Previously I complained that they were purging scanned documents that people had added to their website. It started when I complained about them deleting portraits of people that were stored in gif format. This put me under scrutiny and then they started deleting all document images from my records. The images had been in my account for over a year, but started to be deleted when I complained about gif images. Now they have blocked access to my account. I thought the problem had been resolved when I paid them $5 per grave entry so that I could store up to 20 images per gravesite. But even after paying the money, the images were still being deleted. They still insist that they have full editorial control, and delete all document images. I had transcribed almost 100 letters and postcards and posted them, only to find them deleted, and the more I complined the faster they were deleted. I fear that if I ever open my mouth to complain again, they may start deleting all my entries. They also are deleting my complaints from their message boards. I guess you can only post compliments there.

I feel like a rape victim. I was very satisfied, knowing that if I died, all my family history would be preserved at findagrave. Now I feel ill knowing that they can be so arbitrary and vindictive in their editorial policy.

At least I can still put my thoughts down here in my blog. I hope someone else reads this and sympathizes.