Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kodak Zi6 video camera problems wit5h camera freezing after a few minutes

I have a Kodak Zi6 video camera that is just awful. Since they updated the firmware to accept memory cards >1 GB the camera freezes and you have to remove the batteries to reboot it. It just records a few minutes then the screen freezes. I can see over a dozen complaints about it online but Kodak hasn't issued a fix for it yet, and doesn't seem as they are going to. I used the Kodak chat help line and they weren't aware of the problem despite there being multiple mentions of it in their complaint forum. They told me I had to format the disks in the camera and I did. That had no effect. The last record time was eleven minutes before the camera froze.

I wrote to Kodak and about three weeks later I received a reply and a new Kodak 2 GB SDHC memory chip in the mail. That solved the problem. It appears that you need to use Kodak formatted memory. Previously I had used a Sandisk 8 GB SDHC memory card, then the online help forum told me I had to reformat it in the camera. That had no effect. I would have preferred Kodak send me an 8 GB memory card, but I am glad that the problem is resolved. Kodak sells their 8 GB cards for $47.56 and I just paid $40 for a pair of 8 GB cards at Costco. So the camera is not a good value if I have to use Kodak branded memory cards. I paid about $200 for the camera and I will have to overpay by $30 anytime I buy new memory cards to use for extended shoots. I bought this camera over the new Zip just because it had removable memory cards. By the way, I bought the Flip Video Mino while I was waiting to resolve the Kodak problem and I am satisfied with it. It has 8 GB of internal memory. I now have three solid state video cameras. The original Flip, the Kodak Zi6 and now the Flip Video Mino. I keep the original Flip in the trunk of my car with the batteries out as my backup.