Thursday, July 14, 2005

George Prescott Overton I (1901-1958) biography

George Prescott Overton I (1901-1958) Polygamist and Chief Radio Technician, United States Coast Guard Veteran and Electrical Engineer (b. March 15, 1901, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA - d. March 13, 1958, 2:05 pm, Central Emergency Hospital, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA) Social Security Number 547125052 and Military Service Number 108-053.

George is the son of George S. Overton (1870-bef1930) and Sarah Boardman (1877-aft1930).

He had the following siblings: Norman Overton (1903-1953); and Marion G. Overton (1909-?).

Coast Guard:
George enlisted in the Coast Guard on January 15, 1927 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and served for 18 years. He was given an Honorable Discharge from the US Coast Guard on December 18, 1945 and was processed out on December 27, 1945 in Wilmington, California.

Bechtel Corporation:
He then went to work for Bechtel as an electrical draftsman.

Memories of George Overton:
According to Judith (Abby) Abigail Clark (1959- ): "He enlisted in the Coast Guard in Philadelphia in, I believe, 1929 or 1930, before leaving for radio training school in Wyoming. I think he must have been married when he left for Wyoming, with grandmother, but I have no proof. He was obviously a serial monogamist at best, and at worst, he was a polygamist. I have documentation regarding a marriage in Colorado he committed himself to while 'married' to Dorothy. Her name was Norma Sloane. Then there was a woman named Jennie Wright, a woman named Myrtle Able and another one in California whose name escapes me at present. I have copies of letters between [Ida Stead] and Myrtle."

George died in 1958 while living at Apartment 21, 542 Mason Street, in San Francisco and the cause of death is listed as: "multiple ruptured atheromatous plaques [of] left coronary arteries due to severe arteriosclerosis".

He was buried on March 26, 1958 in Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, San Mateo County, California.

George Prescott Overton I (1901-1958) was the grandfather of Anita Malootian (1961- ) aka Christine Six