Friday, July 15, 2005

Standing from left to right are: fiance of Joe Lowe; Ralph Kohlman (1885-1957) husband of Ada; Ada Augusta Freudenberg (1884-1957); Arthur Oscar Lindauer (1867-1944) the trapeze performer; Clara Freudenberg (1889-1959); and LeBaron (Lee) Hart Lindauer (1878-1945). Sitting from left to right are: Anna Lindauer (1873-1956) widow of Ira Lowe; Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931) widow of Charles Frederick Lindauer (1836-1921); Eloise (Ellie) Lindauer II (1860-1935) widow of Maximillian (Max) S. Freudenberg I (1858-1921); and Catherine Harney (1878-1966). Photograph from August 1929 in Rye, New York. Posted by Picasa