Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Standing from left to right are: Ralph Kohlman (1885-1957); Ada Augusta Freudenberg (1884-1957); unnamed fiance of Joe Lowe; Joseph (Joe) Lowe (1903-1979); Charlotte C. Kahrar (1897-1963); Anna Lindauer (1873-1956); Clara Freudenberg (1889-1959); and Arthur O. Lindauer (1867-1944). Sitting from left to right are: Richard (Dick) Charles Freudenberg II (1918-1994); George Dewey Sanford II (1925-1994); Eloise (Ellie) Lindauer (1860-1935); and Eloise Margerite Sanford (1922- ). The photograph was taken at the home of Ada Freudenberg and Ralph Kohlman around 1930. The photographer was Richard F. Freudenberg (1896-1988) and this print comes from his collection. Posted by Picasa