Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lindauers in Cypress Hill Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Cypress Hill Cemetery

Grave 8-12, Lot 108, Westminster Area,
Owner: Charles F. Lindauer
Date of Purchase: May 04, 1860
  • Louise Lindauer (1858-1859)
  • Oscar A.M. Lindauer (1815-1866)
  • Rebecca Lindauer (1863-1864)
  • Max S. Freudenberg II (1881)
  • Gusia Lindauer (1884-1885)
  • Nellie Lindauer (1853-1887)
  • John Lindauer (1841-1888)
  • Mary Lindauer (1842-1888)
  • Jenny Gertrude Freudenberg (1888)
  • William Ensko (1851-1889)
  • Sophia Lindauer (1815-1891)
  • Lottie Landus (1869-1894) aka Lottie Landers, aka Lottie Lindauer
  • Stanley M. Massey (1895-1902)
  • Louis Julius Lindauer (1842-1915)
  • Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) immigrant ancestor, husband of Sophia Weber (1815-1891)
  • John Jacob Lindauer (1841-1888) child of Oscar Lindauer and Sophia Webber, and husband of Nellie
  • Nellie X (1853-1887) wife of John Jacob Lindauer
  • Louis Julius Lindauer (1842-1915) child of Oscar Lindauer and Sophia Webber, and husband of Mary Sheehan
  • Mary Sheehan (1842-1888) wife of Louis Julius Lindauer. She was born in Ireland.
  • William Arthur Ensko (1851-1889) husband of Eloise Lindauer
  • Max S. Freudenberg II (1881) child of Max Freudenberg and Eloise Lindauer. He died as an infant.
  • Jenny Gertrude Freudenberg (1888) child of Max Freudenberg and Eloise Lindauer. She died as an infant.
  • Stanley Marlton Massey (1895-1902) son of Grace Lindauer and Max Massey. He died at age 7.
  • Sophia Weber (1815-1891) wife of Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer
Children with unknown parents:
  • Louise Lindauer (1858-1859)
  • Rebecca Lindauer (1863-1864)
  • Gusia Lindauer (1884-1885)
  • Lottie Lindauer (1869-1894), aka Lottie Landus
Note: This photograph is useful in locating the graves since there are only two tombstones on the plot. There are 14 people buried in the plot which is the size of 5 standard plots. The two stones are for Stanley Marlton Massey (1895-1902) and William Arthur Ensko II (1851-1889). This photograph is from the back of the tombstones so you can see the large tree in front of the grave site. It took three trips to the cemetery for the graves to be found. They were finally located on April 23, 1999. The Lindauer line wasn't explored until the death certificate of Jenny Gertrude Freudenberg (1888) was found in the New Jersey archive, and it named this cemetery in Brooklyn as the place of burial. The cemetery asked for $50 to look up the names. The first transcript showed all the Freudenbergs buried there. A note at the bottom of the letter said there were Lindauers buried there, and they would need additional money to look up those names. I sent the money and the cemetery sent a new list with all the Lindauers.

Source: Cypress Hill Cemetery, 1998