Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Memoir of Natalie Jean Lindauer (1910-1996)

A short biography of Elizabeth (Liza) Bunning Taylor McCurdy (with a brief reference to her successors)

Elizabeth (Liza) Bunning (parents name unknown to Editor) was married at an early age to a "Mr. Taylor", a local attorney and volunteer in the city fire department. ...

Jean Louise Courter married Oscar Arthur Lindauer in 1902. Her mother gave her away, having forbidden her father to come to the church. ...

The children of Jean Louise and Oscar Arthur were:
John Howard Lindauer, born in 1904
Florence Elizabeth Lindauer (married Cull) born in 1904
Natalie Jean Lindauer (married Richardson) born in 1910
Charles Frederik Lindauer - born in 1919


The information contained in this document was handed down to me from my mother, her mother, and her father, Frank Judd Courter. ...

Natalie Jean Lindauer Richardson
Editor pro tem.


Person: Natalie Jean Lindauer (1910-1996) Housewife (b. September 01, 1910; New Jersey, USA - d. February 07, 1996; Oconomowoc, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, 53066, USA) Social Security Number 141269221.

Natalie Jean Lindauer (1910-1996) in 1994, via Ann Richardson on March 13, 2007