Monday, March 12, 2007

Vincent Gerard Norton (1923-2005) in World War II

Private first class Vincent G. Norton is now fighting in France with the famous 90th Division, one of the first divisions to land in the invasion of the continent. His regiment, commanded by Colonel Christian H. Clarke Jr., and his division, have received much praise for magnificent contributions to the battle of France. The 90th Division gained its fame in combat among the hedgerows of Normandy in the early days of the invasion and later the famous battle of Foret de Mont Castre. The same outfit figured in the capture of the important city of La Mans and was instrumental in the closing of the bloody Falaise Gap and the resulting capture of of several thousand German prisoners. Private First Class Norton joined the Division July 3, 1944, and has participated in some of this Division's many big battles across France. This soldier is a crack rifleman in a rifle squad of the well known K Company Kraut Killers, and wears the combat infantryman's badge awarded only to combat infantryman fighters.

Source: Most likely Jersey Journal circa 1944-1945