Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Frideborg Winblad (1869-1964) of Sweden

Frideborg Winblad (1869-1964) aka Boj Winblad, Schoolteacher in Härnösand, Sweden (b. January 18, 1869, Prästbordet, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden - d. November 30, 1964, Härnösand, Västernorrland, Sweden)

Frideborg was the daughter of Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901) and Elsa Maria Elisabeth Näslund (1829-1907).

Her siblings include: Karl Israel Winblad (1857-?); Johan Edward Winblad (1856-1914) who was a ship's mate that emigrated to Norway and married Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914) then emigrated to the United States; Johanna Winblad (1859-?) who married Per Olof Bernhard Vahlberg (1852-?) a school teacher; Anton Teodor Winblad (1862-?); and Maria Elisabeth Winblad I (1865-1937) who married Jonas Kempe (1861-1918). She also had a half sister: Antonette Kristina Winblad (1854-aft1890) from the marriage of her father to Margareta Kristina Höglund I (1819-1853) aka Greta Stina Höglund, who died in childbirth.

In 1890 Frideborg was living in Prestbolet with her parents, and her father was working as a teacher. Like her father, she also became a teacher, and she moved to Härnösand on October 05, 1896, and lived at #137, 8th quarter in the city.

In August 1956 she wrote to Ulla Margareta Kempe (1932- ) and Börje Pettersson (1932- ) the following:
Dear Ulla and Börje, with my little engagement gift I send you the warmest greetings for your common future. It's like this, that if problems occur, it's nice to be two. Because a shared burden is only a half burden, and shared happiness is double! I have no experience of my own, since I'm 'happily un-married', as someone said. But I do think that it's true. Don't forget to invite Jesus to your wedding as well as for the weekdays! He'll love to come, and not just that, he also wants to stay! Yours sincerely, your old friend Auntie Boj.
Frideborg died on November 30, 1964 in Härnösand, Västernorrland, Sweden and she was buried in Härnösand, Sweden.

Frideborg Winblad (1869-1964) was the great grandaunt of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ). She was the great grandaunt of Bitte Kempe (1966- ) aka Bitte Pettersson, of Mariefred, Sweden.