Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1865) of Norway

Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1865) aka Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (b. September 07, 1825, Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. 1865, Vanse parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway)

She was the daughter of Torsten Christophersen; and Johanne Jacobsdatter.

She was baptised in Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway on September 30, 1825.

Thea had the following siblings: Christopher Tostensen (1817-?) aka Christopher Tostensen of Welland; Johanne Torstensdatter (1821-?); Jakob Torstensen (1824) who died as an infant; and Tosten Tostensen (1824) a twin of Jakob who also died as an infant.

Thea married Ole Mathias Pedersen (1822-1914) a baker from Farsund. Ole was the son of Peder Andreas Hansen (1790-1849) of Log; and Maren Sophie Olsdatter of Gullestad (1792-1868) and he worked as a baker.

They had the following children: Peder Matias Olsen (1851-?) aka Peter Matthew Olsen; Teodor Johan Olsen (1852-?); Josette Teresia Olsdatter (1855-?) aka Joletta Olsdatter; Ottan Olsen (1858-1921) aka Otto Olson who emigrated to Chicago in Illinois and married Hannah Hansen (1864-1936) aka Hannah Admundsen and had 5 children; Lena Olson (1860-1938) aka Hannah Lina Olsdatter who emigrated to Chicago in Illinois and married Andrew Jensen (1860-1930) aka Andreas Jensen; Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914) aka Salmine Sopie Olsdatter who married John Edward Winblad (1856-1914) and emigrated to Manhattan in New York City and then moved to Jersey City, New Jersey and then moved to the Isle of Pines in Cuba and then died while visiting her family in Farsund in Norway; and Adolph Martin Ludvig (1865) who died at birth along with Thea.

She died in 1865 and her widower never remarried. He raised the seven surviving children himself.

Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1865) was the second, great-grandmother of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).