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James Conboy I (1837-1902) who emigrated from Ireland

James Conboy I (1837-1902) Immigrant to USA (b. 1837, Hollygrove, County Galway/Roscommon, Ireland - d. June 08, 1902, possibly Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, 07307, USA)

James was born in, or near, Hollygrove, Athleague parish, Killeroran district, County Roscommon/Galway in 1837 and he had at least two siblings: Winifred Conboy (c1833-c1905) who married John Hogan (c1835-c1886) who had many of her children come to the US; and Mary Conboy (c1840-?) who married Thomas Carr (c1840-bef1901) and had many of her children come to the US.

James Conboy married Bridget White (c1840-1866?) around 1860, and it is said that she died in childbirth in Ireland around 1866.

James moved to the US around 1880 with his children: James Conboy II (c1862-?); Margaret Mary Conboy (1866-1951) aka Maggie Conboy, who married Owen McLaughlin (1863-1931); Patrick Conboy (1864-1927); and Thomas Conboy (c1865-?). Margaret Conboy was given an autograph book and all of her brother's names were recorded in it.

James Conboy I, died in 1902, most likely in Jersey City, New Jersey but his death certificate has not been located yet. He is buried in Holy Name Cemetery with his children: Patrick Conboy (1864-1927) and Margaret (Maggie) Agnes Conboy (1866-1951). Also in the grave is Owen McLaughlin (1863-1931) and Margaret and Owen's child: James Aloysius McLaughlin (1892-1964). The only people of this first generation to America with identified photographs are Sarah Carr and Katherine Carr.

Related Conboys:
Rita M. Haney (1918-1990) once told her husband that she thought there were Conboys in the family living in Houston, Texas in the 1970s.

James Conboy I (1837-1902) was the second, great-granduncle of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ). He was the second, great-granduncle of Deirdre Anne Laura Kellar (1964- ). He was the great-granduncle of Ann Elizabeth O'Malley (1933- ).

Uncompleted Tasks:
His death certificate has not been located in either the New York City Archive or the New Jersey Archive. More attempts will have to be made to locate it. His death certificate should name his parents and take this line back another generation in Ireland.