Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Norman Edward Winblad (1911-1980) who was born in Cuba

Norman Edward Winblad (1911-1980) Mechanic, Lawnmower Repair Shop Owner, Los Angeles County, California, USA (b. May 23, 1911, Santa Bárbara (La Demajagua), Isle of Pines (Isla de la Juventud), Cuba - d. December 29, 1980, 12:01 am, Harbor-UCLA Medical Foundation, 21840 Normandie Avenue, Torrance, Los Angeles County, California, 90502-2046, USA) Social Security Number 062058610.

Norman was born on the Isle of Pines in Cuba to Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975) and Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939).

Isle of Pines, Cuba:
Both Anton's and Eva's parents moved down to the island around 1909-1910 and bought farmland as speculators hoping that the island would become part of the United States. The ownership of the island had been in dispute since the Spanish American War and reverted back to Cuba in 1924.

Norman had two brothers: Anthony LeRoy Winblad (1912-1970) aka Roy Winblad, who was born in Cuba and married Ann Maria Zorovich (1912-1993); and Earl Vincent Winblad (1916-2004) who was born in New York and married June Amanda Salisbury (1912-2003) aka Hilda Salisbury.

Death of Grand-Parents:
Johan Winblad died on September 24, 1914 and Salmine Pedersen died on December 12, 1914, both in Farsund, Norway.

Bronx, New York:
On July 06, 1915, Anton and his wife, Eva returned to New York with Norman and LeRoy. They brought with them Eva's youngest two brothers: Dewey Ernest Lattin I (1898-1985); and Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Lattin (1901-1980). In 1920 Norman was living at 163 East 144th Street in the Bronx, New York City, with his mother, father and two brothers along with his mother's brothers Dewey and Teddy.

Family Travels:
In 1921 Charles Haley Williams (1884-1960) who was married to Norman's mother's sister, Myrtle Adelia Lattin (1884-1970) was the first in the family to move to California. In 1924 Norman's mother Eva and her sister, Julia Lattin (1880-1960) went to Cuba with Norman's brother Earl Winblad for their parent's 50th wedding anniversary on October 15, 1924. They returned to New York on November 08, 1924.

Bronx, New York:
In 1930 Norman was living at 422 Mott Avenue in the Bronx, New York City with his parents and he was working as a capenter's helper. In 1936 Norman took over his father's job as the superintendent of the apartment house on 2265 Morris Avenue in the Bronx in New York City, when his parents moved to 419 West 77th Street in Los Angeles in California.

On March 14, 1937 Norman married Elanore Frieda Vogsberger (1911-1975) at the Elton Avenue Methodist Church at 79 Elton Avenue and 158th Street in the Bronx, New York City.

They had four children: Norman Charles Winblad (1937- ); Raymond Frederick Winblad (1940-1984); Carol Elanore Winblad (1946- ); and the youngest was Donald Anton Winblad (1950- ).

On June 23, 1939, Norman's mother died and he went to California for the funeral and eventually moved there. He later opened a lawnmower repair shop in California.

Norman had a heart attack while he was living at 3115-3117 Big Dalton Avenue in Baldwin Park in Los Angeles County on the night before Christmas Eve, December 23, 1980 and he died in the Harbor-UCLA Medical Foundation Hospital at 21840 Normandie Avenue in Torrance, California on December 29, 1980 and his body was cremated.

Norman was a tall man. Selma Freudenberg, his cousin called him the "gentle giant".