Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Joachim Von Rohr (1677-1757) of Sweden

Joachim Von Rohr (1677-1757) Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of Dalarö in Swedish Army (b. January 23, 1677/1978, Svida, Sweden - d. November 19, 1757, Sweden)

He was the son of Hans Christoffer Von Rohr (1626/1627-1700) who was killed in action during the battle of Narva, in Sweden (now Estonia); and Anna Catharina Cronman (1658-1685) who would later die in childbirth. She was 31 years younger if the record are correct. Anna was the daughter of Joakim Cronman (1638-1703); and Lunetta Johansdotter Makeléer (1639-1693).

He married Catharina Charlotta Klingenberg (1680-1758) on February 04, 1699/00 in Sweden. Charlotte was the daughter of John Klingenberg (1630-?); and Catharina Elisabet Welling (1645-?).

Battle of Poltova:
Joachim Von Rohr was taken prisoner during the battle of Poltova, along with his wife and daughter and sent to Siberia. His daughter would marry Anders Örbom I (1675-1740) Captain, in Solikamski, Siberia, Russia.

Joachim Von Rohr (1677-1757) was the seventh, great-grandfather of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).