Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Serine Larsdatter (1840-1905) of Norway

Serine Larsdatter (1840-1905) Housewife (b. 1840, Drange farm, Herad parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. October 06, 1905, Vanse parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway)

Serine was born in 1840 to Lars Aadnessen.

She married Peder Andreas Pedersen (1830-?) on July 26, 1862 at Herad parish in Farsund. Peder was the son of Peder Andreas Hansen of Log (1790-1849); and Maren Sophia Olsdatter of Gullestad (1791-1868). Peder was listed as "Peder Andreas Pederssen".

Together they had the following children: Peder Elias Pedersen (1863-before1868); Lars Pedersen (1865) who was baptised on October 01, 1865; Lars Emanuel Pedersen (1869-?) who was baptised on July 18, 1869; Mathilde Sophie Amalia Pedersen (1872-?) who was baptised on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1872; Peder Severin Pedersen (1876-?) who was baptised on March 05, 1876; Anton Martin Teodore Pedersen (1879-?) who was baptised on November 23, 1879; and Inga Pedersen (1885-1928) who emigrated to New York in the United States and married Emil Schneider (1884-1955). All the children were baptised in Farsund.

Farsund, Norway:
The family appears in the 1865 Norway Census living at 36 Kirkegaden in Farsund, where Peder was working as a "fragtemand". In the 1900 Norway Census they were living at 50b Nykastelgaden Street, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway and Peder was working as a "Bagervend" or bread seller.

Serine died on October 06, 1905 in Vanse parish in Farsund.

She was buried on October 12, 1905. The Vanse churchbook lists her as: "Baker's wife Serine Pedersen, baker Peder A. Pedersen, born 1840 Drange in Herad."

Serine Larsdatter (1840-1905) was the second, great-grandaunt of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ). She was the great-grandmother of Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) the record breaking aviator.